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«SyTeCo» Pte.Ltd. sells quality goods (office and printing equipment, consumables for it), provided by the manufacturer's warranty obligations throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The warranty period is 12-36 months (depending on the product category) calculated from the date of sale specified in the Warranty card / Product Acceptance Certificate.


The manufacturer's warranty obligations apply the goods that were sold by the «SyTeCo» Pte.Ltd. only on the basis of a dealer/distribution agreement with the manufacturer, and not the manufacturer's goods that were imported by the buyer himself from abroad.


The warranty means - elimination of problems arising from the operation of the equipment during the warranty period, by replacing component parts without paying for them. Work on the replacement of component parts under the guarantee is carried out for a fee according to the tariff plan of the service department of the enterprise.

Free service is understood as additional obligations of the enterprise (in addition to the warranty) to eliminate defects in the operation of the equipment, without charging any payment from the buyer during the warranty period for service work.


Compliance with the warranty:

In order to avoid misunderstandings, we kindly ask you to carefully study the «User Manual» (Operation manual for the product) and the Memo attached to the Product Acceptance Certificate, which specifies the conditions and terms for fulfilling the warranty obligations for the transferred (purchased) goods.

A warranty card is issued for each type of equipment. The warranty card is valid only if you have correctly and clearly indicated product identifications such as: name, model, serial number of equipment, date of sale. The warranty card must have a clear seal of the «SyTeCo» Pte.Ltd. the and must be signed by the buyer who, upon receipt of the goods, received the necessary instructions on the rules for operating the equipment and the use the original consumables during the warranty period only. The model and serial number of the equipment must correspond to those indicated in the warranty card. If these conditions are not observed, the equipment may be refused for warranty service.

Transfer of the warranty for the equipment sold to third parties is allowed only with the consent of the seller.


Warranty conditions:

  1. The goods must be assembling (installed) by the buyer in accordance with the instructions attached to the goods. The equipment may be installed by the buyer himself, subject to the installation instructions.
  2. Consumables and resource components specified in the contract and / or in the warranty card are not the subject of a warranty, since they are consumables and must be purchased by the buyer independently in accordance with their physical wear and tear during the operation of the goods.
  3. The warranty period for the performance of the goods is provided by the seller only if the rules for the operation of the goods described in the instructions attached to the goods are observed, which do not allow: exceeding the manufacturer's permissible time load and / or using non-original consumables for this product during the warranty period.
  4. The terms of the warranty for each type of equipment are detailed in the Memo leaflet attached to the warranty card.
  5. The place of implementation of the warranty obligations is the seller's service center located at the address: 81, Abdurauf Fitrat street, Mirabad district, Tashkent city, Republic of Uzbekistan. The buyer bears the cost of delivering the goods for service to the service center.
  6. The goods (equipment) are subject to removal from warranty if:
  • the equipment has signs of violation of the operating rules established by the manufacturer;
  • there are traces of impacts and mechanical damage: dents, notches, cracks, fractures, etc .;
  • there are traces of self-opening, violation of the seal or the seller's sealing tape;
  • there is damage caused by the ingress of chemicals or solvents;
  • there is damage caused by ingress of foreign objects, insects and / or rodents;
  • there are other damages caused by deliberate or careless actions of the buyer (including persons who are not the buyer's representative and, accordingly, are not authorized to work on this equipment.);
  • assembling and installation of the equipment was carried out by untrained personnel and / or in case of non-observance of the attached operating instructions;
  • non-original consumables not provided by the manufacturer were used during the warranty period;
  • during the warranty period, the maintenance work on the equipment provided for by the operating instructions was not performed, with the replacement of worn-out spare parts and / or components;
  • there was an unstable power supply and / or lack of grounding at the place where the equipment was used.


Important: Replacement of defective parts in the product (parts, assemblies, assembly units, etc.) during the warranty period or the period of free service does not lead to the establishment of a new warranty period, or a new period of free service for the entire goods, or for replaced parts.


The configuration and installation (assembly, connection, etc.) of the equipment described in the documentation attached to it can be performed both by the buyer himself and by the specialists of the seller of the corresponding profile and the seller's firms (free of charge). In this case, the person (organization) who installed the goods is responsible for the correctness and quality of the installation (setting). We ask you to pay attention to the importance of correct installation of the goods, both for its reliable, long-term operation and for obtaining warranty and free service.


When calling an enterprise specialist on warranty issues, a 2-sided Act is drawn up indicating the reasons for the equipment inoperability and the date of its installation. The act is signed by the person operating the equipment.

The seller's warranty obligations are realized only in accordance with the signed Act.



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